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Below is the privacy policy for Stabenfeldt AB (and other entities in the Stabenfeldt group) regarding the processing of personal data (customer data/”kunddata”).

Stabenfeldt is marketing the products Penny & Friends, GIRL:IT and Kickerz. When referring to in connection with the terms for purchase, order or registration of the products, this policy shall at all times form a part of the terms. For certain services and products there may be special terms and conditions relating to the processing of personal data, as informed in connection with the supply of such products or services.

Changes to this privacy policy over time are likely to be minor and will be made at Stabenfeldts discretion. Although Stabenfeldt will inform seperately about any major changes, we encourage our customers regular visits to for the up-to-date version of the terms. The continued use of this site after any change to this privacy policy will constitute your acceptance of such change.

Processing of personal data

In connection with a user providing Stabenfeldt with personal data, e.g. at registration, subscription or purchase, the user will be provided with information regarding the processing of personal data, and agree to it. Stabenfeldt keeps a register of customers and users who have registered or purchased products or services from Stabenfeldt.

The register contains personal data such as; name, personal number, zip code, phone number, e-mail addresses, delivery information, payment and purchase information, profiling information as well as information based on the use of digital products and services.

The personal data is used to manage the customer relation, such as invoicing, information and product delivery, marketing and statistical purposes for the development of Stabenfeldt products and services. The data can also be used by Stabenfeldt and in some cases our partners, to adapt content, ads and offers as a way of improving the customer relation. The data is always analyzed and processed prior to any contact with a customer or user.

The customers and registered users of Stabenfeldts products and services agree that Stabenfeldt may contact them for marketing purposes by e-mail, mail, phone and SMS, as well as other digital channels. Such personal data may also be presented to and used by business partners of Stabenfeldt. All users have the right to, in writing and at no cost, rescind their consent and request a withdrawal of their personal data from our registers or request a correction or alteration of erroneous records. Personal data can also be blocked from marketing by contacting our customer service.

Personal data is saved by Stabenfeldt as long as there is an ongoing customer relation and for a while thereafter, or otherwise in accordance with a consent by the user or customer.

Use of cookies

Stabenfeldt uses cookies and other technologies in order to track the use of Stabenfeldts digital services, and also to adapt the user experience. A cookie is a text file stored on the user’s computer after connecting to a web site, and which later be fetched and processed.

The customers and registered users of Stabenfeldt agree to the use of cookies. The user can configure their browser to block cookies and delete already stored cookies. This can in some cases downgrade the functionality and usability of the website.

It is also possible to regulate advertisement through the web browser.

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Please contact Stabenfeldt AB’s customer service for the respective product or service should you have any questions relating to the handling of personal data.

GIRL:IT FI +358-800 113 082

GIRL:IT NO +47 51 84 54 54

GIRL:IT SE +4640-665 41 60

Penny & Friends FI +358-800 114 697

Penny & Friends NO +47 51 84 54 54

Penny & Friends SE +4640-665 41 40

Kickerz NO +47 51 84 54 54

Kickerz SE +4640-665 41 70


The personal data agent at Stabenfeldt AB (“personuppgiftsombud”) can be reached by letter at: ”Personuppgiftsombudet, Stabenfeldt AB, box 876, 201 80 Malmö.”

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